Friday, April 01, 2005

Help - Mail Server Problems

IT stuff is a time killer

I am still pulling out my hair on trying to get my SMTP Server and IMAP/POP3 mail server functioning properly. It seems as though it functions intermittently. I have gone through tier one level support and now am on to tier two support.

Here is the scoop so far.
  1. Two days ago, I could not turn on the function on the OSDL Linux remote server. Trouble ticket was sent. Next day it was turned on. Can now toggle.
  2. Started adding Email boxes and verifying operation of Emails one at a time. Verified using various mail clients. Everything looked OK.
  3. Today, mail intermittently will receive but most of the time can not send.
  4. Verified system POP3 and SMTP mail server settings. Toggled with authorization then without. No change.
  5. Spoke with several people at the service center. All were helpful but still no solid answers.
  6. Sent off an email to the next level and referenced the original trouble ticket which I believe still may be a factor on the problem.
  7. Tried rebooting the server. No change.
  8. Tried long and short e mail login names i.e. or just help. No change.
  9. Verified DNS values. Everything looked OK there.
So now I wait.

After spending eight hours on this I am ready for a Java break. Man, what a time killer this IT stuff!

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