Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hijacking Domain Names

Interesting story is developing about certain registrars hijacking unregistered domain names.

I just registered a new domain name and was having difficulty pointing the new NS1 and NS2 Name Servers to the newly registered domain name. Name Servers (NS1, NS2, etc.) are a type of pointer that point to where the website is hosted. Apparently it takes some time once new name servers are created, for the NS1.Names and NS2. Names to propagate on the World Wide Web. So, I will have to wait a little while for the new name servers to be found before I can select the name servers in the domain name control panel area.

Now, here is where the story gets a little interesting. I decided to type in the name of the new domain name to see what comes up. Typically when someone types in a domain name that is unregistered the browser will return site not found or something like that.

When I typed in the new website and several other site variations, the browser returned a Financial Freedom Website. This seems very very strange and I wonder if this is allowed by ICANN in which an unregistered domain name be directed toward some other website.

My registrar found this very interesting also and is further checking out what is going on.

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