Thursday, June 23, 2005

Relevant Domain Names

Sometimes a business needs to have a Second Domain Name or more names

As a business continues to expand sometimes it makes more sense to register another relevant domain name instead of placing everything under one URL. Some of the larger companies may actually have dozens of names for intellectual property, special applications and features.

Why do this?

From a practical standpoint it is much easier to compartmentalize operations as well as custom designing layouts and applications specifically tailored to each area of operation.

Additionally, as businesses grow there are probably many people with-in the organization that need to have access to various parts of websites. By providing different websites this prevents things from getting crossed up between personnel.

Even for small business, using other domain names can be beneficial for handling items such as Email marketing, online lead capture, or newsletter mailings where there are a number of hosting services that provide templates and other programs for Email marketing purposes. Other areas for consideration are blogging, Wikis, or content management for the company or customers. Instead of re-inventing the wheel it is much easier to take the software that is already available online and provided by numerous hosting companies, to establish another account with a domain name related to what you wish to do. Sure, a business could do it with a subdomain (subdomains are in front of the domain) but having a registered domain can make it easier for a client or customers to remember.

Additional insight from a marketing, advertising, and branding perspective.

It is much easier to establish a product brand by using the name in the domain. Many times a product will have great brand recognition in the media and by taking advantage of this brand recognition online can really help promote the product or service even more.

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